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30th Aug 2019

The Toughest Temptation: Watch AIB challenge four die-hard GAA fans for a chance to win tickets to the final


Brought to you by AIB GAA

Could you last?

For any big GAA fans out there – actually, for any big sports fans out there – you know that watching your team compete in a semi-final is a big deal.

It’s something that absolutely canNOT be missed. The importance of watching this game comes second only to the importance of watching the final. Here’s the question though – would you give up watching the semi-final for a chance for tickets to the final?

That was the challenge four people were faced with. AIB’s The Toughest Temptation reflects the passion and dedication behind what it means to be a true GAA fan. AIB gathered one die-hard fan from each of the semi-final teams – Mayo, Dublin, Kerry, and Tyrone – and offered them tickets to the All-Ireland final. Here’s the catch, though: they weren’t allowed to watch the semi-final.

Sounds easy? Well, don’t forget that this would be two of the teams’ last game in the championship. Also (just to make things even more interesting) the four fans were each placed in a plain white box for the duration of the match with nothing in there except a TV.

How did they fare? Check out the video below to find out.

Brought to you by AIB GAA

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