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14th Feb 2021

QUIZ: How well do you remember Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (the movie)

Anna Daly

To be clear, this is “perfect” snogging, not “full-frontal” snogging.

Recently, we started reminiscing about this movie and how great it was. How we simultaneously hated Georgia and related to her, how much we wanted our own Robbie the Sex God to fall for us, and how we were given the wise lesson of never trying to shave our eyebrows.

Now, it’s certainly a movie of its time and we very much cringe looking back on some of the storylines. (Particularly uncomfortable shoutout to the “good guys” spying on the “villain” Lindsey while she was changing and then publicly shaming her for wearing gel bra inserts. Oh, the noughties, what a different time you were.)

Still, despite its questionable content, it remains one of the most enjoyably cringey (in a good way this time) movies to watch when you just want a good old comfort-watch and we have returned to it about a hundred times by now. Plus that soundtrack – iconic.

So we think we know the movie pretty well. But do you? Get less than 90 percent and you’ll know that it’s time for a rewatch. Full marks and you obviously love it as much as we do and will be watching it anyway. It’s been way too long since we’ve watched Georgia attempting to run to ‘She’s So Lovely’ in her stuffed olive costume.

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