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04th Apr 2018

Quiz: Can we tell what your favourite Friday night eat is?


Brought to you by McDonnells.

It might be hump day but the good news is, the weekend is nearing!

Whether you plan on having a wild night out (or two), escaping to someplace rural or cosying up indoors this weekend, it’s essential to treat yourself with tasty goodness no matter where you are.

As we’re all well aware, there are oodles of bites, nibbles and fakeaway feasts that we adore. So which one might be your favourite? A chicken korma, a spicy curry, a spice bag, kebabs or the traditional fish and chips? Or might you be a dark horse?

If you’re a spice bag lover like so many of the rest of us (let’s be honest, it has become a national food staple) you’ll want to get your mitts on the McDonnells Spicebag. It’s a mouth-watering blend of spices that brings all that spicy goodness to you in the comfort of your own home, and we must admit, it goes very well with a plate of chips and some chicken.

Might want to add that one to the shopping list if you’re spending the weekend chilling out at home. It’s sure to leave you satisfied.

For now, let us help you decide what should be on your plate this Friday night. .

Brought to you by McDonnells.