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15th Sep 2018

QUIZ: Can you match these famous pizza scenes to the correct movie?

Brought to you by Goodfellas Pizza. 

Has it ever let us down? NEVER.

Pizza has long been a firm favourite, a delectable and much loved foodie option the world over. And so it’s only fitting really, that it has been made further famous by some of the all-time greatest movie scenes ever.

What has us thinking about pizza? Well, Goodfellas Pizza if you must know. It’s essentially made from slices of heaven for everyone to share or else tuck into, all by themselves. You can get your hands on all kinds, from thin to thick to gluten-free, to extra cheesy or tomatoey. It’s the number one frozen pizza brand and it’s for ALL occasions. So while we dig into a slice (or two) of Goodfellas Pizza – see if you can match these famous pizza scenes to the movie we’ve seen them in.

And yes – we can confirm, you’ll be needing a pizza immediately afterwards. Do enjoy.

Brought to you by Goodfellas Pizza.

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