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27th Aug 2014

Zara Removes Striped Pyjamas Featuring Yellow Star Following Complaints

The high-street brand has removed the item in question.

High street brand Zara has removed a child’s striped pyjama shirt featuring a yellow star from its stores, following a number of online complaints.

Twitter users compared the pyjama shirt to the uniform worn by Jewish prisoners in concentration camps during World War II.


The blue and white striped shirt features a six-pointed yellow star on the front. The word “sheriff” is written on the star but this was not clear in the zoomed out images available on the brand’s website.


Israel journalist Dimi Reider commented on the shirt in a piece for, writing: “It’s a SHERIFF shirt for your three-year-old. Obviously. What else could it be? Why, what else does it remind you of?”

The item in question was available to buy in a number of countries including the UK, Israel, France, Denmark, Albania and Sweden.

The online retailer has since apologised via Twitter and the shirt is no longer for sale.