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02nd Aug 2019

‘Absolutely disgusting’: Woman upset as bikini she ordered online arrives with stained crotch


Anna O'Rourke

“I don’t understand how this can happen?!”

A shopper has shared her outrage after a bikini she ordered arrived with a stained crotch.

The woman, named Amber, had bought the swimsuit from online store ISawItFirst.

She was shocked to find that when she unwrapped it, there was no protective sticker on the bikini bottoms and what looked like period or discharge on it.

Amber took to Twitter in anger, posting a video showing the stain.

“I have just received my package in the post opened the sealed bag to find this!” she wrote.

“No hygiene sticker and what looks like someone’s period/discharge stained in to the crotch!!!!

“Please help! This is absolutely disgusting I don’t understand how this can happen?!”

In a second tweet, she asked about the brand’s quality control.

“Do you not have a care team that checks returns or checks the quality of the items you are sending??

“This is my first experience with you and I’m mortified!

“Thank god I checked before putting on.”

Fellow Twitter users were just as horrified by the sight of the stained bikini bottoms as Amber was.

In a follow-up tweet, she revealed that the brand had been in touch but had only offered to give her her money back.

“They’ve literally offered me a refund and that’s it! I have responded.

“I think that’s disgraceful service. I had someone else’s bodily fluids on a swimming costume. Foul.”

Yeah, we wouldn’t be right for weeks after this.