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06th Jul 2022

Woman dies in water park zip line accident in Brazil


A woman in her 20s in Brazil has sadly passed away after she fell almost 70 feet from a water park zip line.

Yasmili Araujo headed to the Piracema Park Club water park in Rio Branco for a day out with her boyfriend and friends on Saturday, July 2 when tragedy struck.

The 23 year old headed to the top of the zip line launch platform without any protective wear.

Climbing onto the platform, she disappeared through a hole before she was ever offered a safety harness.

Plummetting almost 70 feet to her death, firefighters rushed to the scene alongside medics to treat her, saying she suffered multiple fractures.

She was rushed to hospital by paramedics were she went into cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead on the way there.

The attraction has since been closed at the water park and they said it will not reopen until an investigation into how the accident happened is done.

In a statement, the water park wrote: “Piracema Park Club provided all support and attention to the young woman’s family and, after the accident, closed the activities of the attraction, which will only return to operation after an investigation by the relevant authorities regarding the causes of the accident.”

According to Lieutenant Eurico Fernando of the Fire Department, an engineer had not signed off the launch platform, but the park did not respond to the claim.

Fernando added that the platform has been hastily installed that morning, saying: “It was assembled at the last minute. It was ready on the morning of the 2nd.

“They did it very quickly. Possibly this rush in the assembly of this structure is a preponderant factor in trying to explain what happened.”

The case has been reported to local police and they are investigating the tragic circumstances.