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06th Apr 2018

Woman claims her finger was cut at nail salon…and it may need to be amputated

She had been going to them for more than a decade.

A woman in the United States is saying that her finger may need to be amputated after she got a cut at her nail salon.

Maria Luisa Gerardo was getting her nails done at her local salon, TJ Nails in Phoenix, Arizona, when she says that her got a small cut on her finger.

She initially didn’t think anything of it, as she had been a visitor of the salon for so long, but she told local news station KGUN that things changed within 24 hours.

She said that her finger began to swell and she went to urgent care, where she was given antibiotics.

The mum went back to TJ Nails, where she said she was offered $100 (€80) and told to go buy some medicine, that things would be fine.

However, things soon got worse.

The small cut on the side of her finger turned into a large would, which went as far as the bone.

Things got so bad that Ms Gerardo was event admitted to the hospital to get surgery for the severe infection. She also says that there is a possibility of amputation.

She told the news staton she overs her face the the doctors come in to treat the wound, as she’s “scared” to see what it looks like. 

She added:

“This is the only thing I ever liked doing to myself, my nails.

“But now, with this that happened to my hand, I never want to do this in my life.”

According to the news station, the family have reported the salon to the state. They are also planning to take legal action against them.