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28th Jul 2019

Woman admitted to Dublin hospital with abdominal pains leaves with newborn baby boy

Jade Hayden

She didn’t know she was pregnant.

A woman who was admitted to a Dublin hospital with abdominal pains left with a newborn baby boy.

The woman attended Beaumont Hospital’s emergency department on Friday complaining of severe pains in her stomach.

Doctors examined the woman and discovered that she was in labour. She soon delivered a healthy baby boy.

The Irish Mirror reports that the woman’s husband was “shocked” to learn of the pregnancy.

She was transferred to The Rotunda following the birth.

“Please be advised that [patient] arrived in the emergency department on the 24/07/2019,” reads a hospital letter issued by Beaumont.

“She was unaware of being pregnant and complaining to have lower-abdominal pain.

“When I examined her I found that she was in labour – I subsequently delivered the baby and had to transfer her to the Rotunda Hospital for further care and management, for her and the new born.

“Please be advised that she was not booked for ante-natal care.”

The baby has since been named Aleksander. He and his mother are now back at home.

This comes after a 46-year-old woman discovered that she was in labour after assuming that she was going through the menopause.

Monica Thompson admitted herself to a clinic in Las Vegas with severe nausea and vomiting when she found out that she was pregnant.

She also believed she had been experiencing incontinence, but had actually been leaking amniotic fluid.

Thompson gave birth the next day.