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29th Aug 2016

Watch this Chinese tightrope walker set a new Guinness World Record

Man on wire

The Guinness World Record for the longest tightrope walk has just been set.

Move over Philippe Petit, this is by far the most bonkers thing we’ve seen all week.


Adili Wuxor is known as the ‘Prince of the Tightrope’ by his fans for his gravity defying stunts. And boy does he know how to put on a show. In his latest escapade, the mad man took to the Yellow River, the third longest river in Asia and walked across a 1,800 long metre wire.

What’s more, he does it without the aid of a safety harness.

This awe inspiring stunt has recently earned Wuxor the Guinness World Record for the longest ever tightrope walk.


(image via Twitter)

Be warned. The video makes for squirmish viewing and we can only imagine what people on the ground were going through watching the daredevil perform his most ambitious stunt to date.

When he reaches the halfway point, Wuxor patiently waits for his colleague, who is also walking the tightrope, albeit from the opposite direction, to arrive. Once both men meet in the middle, his friend, lays down on the thin wire and allows Wuxor to walk over him.

The daredevil, hails from the Xinjiang Province in China. His previous tightrope related exploits include the time he spent 60 whole days balancing on a wire above the architecturally renowned Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing that was built for the 2008 Summer Olympics.

In another daring stunt, he walked 100m above the Pearl River, between Guangzhou’s Canton Tower and a sail sculpture in front of the Haixinsha Stadium, which is a distance of about 500m.

This video is certainly not for the fainthearted, but it really is an incredible display of human endeavour.

Watch the video below via China Xinhua News.