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24th Jul 2017

Vinnie Jones under fire for posting a picture of the 100 foxes he killed

'Nothing less than a massacre'.

Orlaith Condon

The actor has since deleted the shocking post.

Vinnie Jones was the subject of major criticism over the weekend after he shared a grotesque picture on Twitter.

A keen hunter, the former soccer player shared a picture of over 100 dead foxes after a night of hunting.

“A real night lamping #foxes,” captioned the picture. “Anyone beat this? Old school red filter.”

The actor has spoken about his interest in hunting birds and foxes before, and often shares pictures of his prey on social media.

The actor previously posed smiling alongside 16 dead rabbits and boasted about how quickly it took him to kill them.

While the British Association for Shooting and Conservation deemed Jones’ hunt “necessary to ensure that damage to game, wildlife and livestock is kept at acceptable levels”, the League Against Cruel Sports said it was “nothing less than a massacre”.

“The extermination of such a large number of foxes cannot be interpreted as simply dealing with a rogue fox problem or wildlife management,” chief operating officer, Philippa King said.

“Although the activity may be legal, there is no doubt it is unethical and likely totally unjustified – as fox populations are self-regulating.

“The joy expressed here highlights the true nature of this activity, which is killing wildlife for fun and has nothing to do with fox control.”

Jones has since deleted the post from his social media profile.