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10th Feb 2022

Vicky Phelan has “great day” after spending all afternoon with son

“These are the days I live for.”

Vicky Phelan has shared an update after having a “great day” with her family.

Earlier in the week, Vicky shared that she had a two-hour lunch with two dear friends. However, the next day her “back was in bits”.

The activist explained that she knew she had to take it easy and rest up, but she wouldn’t have changed a thing.

She said it felt so good to simply get out of the house and catch up “like normal people do”.

She added that it was lovely to “add more memories to the memory bank”.

The mum said the resting paid off because she minded herself. This meant she got to spend lots of quality time with her son Darragh after he finished school.

Vicky wrote, “I was sitting in my spot in our living room ready to help him with his homework. We spent ALL afternoon together in the living room, getting homework done, practicing his tin whistle which (thankfully) he is getting really good at.

“It no longer sounds like a banshee wailing anymore,” she quipped.

After his schoolwork, Vicky said her son snuggled in beside her and they played Worlde together.

She said the day was so special because of how normal and simple it felt.

Vicky believes these are the memories her children will cherish the most.

“For me, these are the times my children will remember…the time I spent sitting down with them being a Mammy, helping out with homework, but also getting down to their level and doing stuff they’re interested in.”

She added, “These are the days I live for.”