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24th Mar 2022

Facebook and Instagram down amid social media outages

Sarah McKenna Barry

Facebook and Instagram down amid social media outages.

A number of social media users have noticed this morning that Facebook and Instagram appear to have stopped working.

When you go to Instagram on desktop, a server error is given, and while some previously loaded stories appear on the app, the home feed is entirely gone.

The news feed for Facebook isn’t loading either, and when you visit the site on desktop, a similar error message is displayed.

According to Down Detector, reports suggest that Instagram began having problems at 10:12am this morning.

Meta have yet to comment on the reports of an outage.

Naturally, many people flocked to Twitter to see if the social media platforms are not working for anyone else. The hashtags #InstagramDown and #FacebookDown are currently trending.

One asked: “Are Facebook and Instagram both down???”

Another shared a picture of the screenshot while trying to access Instagram and wrote: “Aw shit, here we go again.”

A third social media user tweeted: “Coming straight onto Twitter to see if Instagram and Facebook are down.”

Others were concerned that as Meta own WhatsApp, the messaging app might also follow suit.

One wrote: “Facebook and Instagram both down again. Whatever about them, I assume it’s WhatsApp next?”

Another Twitter user joked: “I can hear influencers screaming in the distance so I imagine that means Instagram is down?”

The outage comes five months after all of Meta’s platforms – WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook – were down for several hours.