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23rd Mar 2023

US tourist issues apology after referring to Cork as “a small Irish town” in recent TikTok

Clodagh McKeon

“Doing my research so Corkonians can’t get mad at me anymore”

Despite the rising cost of pints, accommodation and everything in between, tourists still turned out in their droves to celebrate St. Patricks weekend and among them was Danielle Mullen, a TikToker from Colorado.

The content creator spent Paddy’s Day in Cork City, and was surprised to see a marching band from the hometown of Aurora, Colorado featured in the parade.

Danielle posted a TikTok to express her surprise, but made one grave error. She referred to the Rebel city as “a small town in Ireland”.

As you’d imagine, other users flooded the comments to put her straight – hell hath no fury like a Corkonian scorned.

“Not her calling cork a small town,” one user wrote.

“Cork is the 2nd biggest city in Ireland. This is why geography is an important part of education Americans,” another said.

@nothin.but.nelly GLITCH!!!! What a small world we live in?? #smallworld #coincidance #crazy #randomcoincidence #smallworld #highschoolreunion #grandview #colorado #cork #ireland ♬ When Worlds Collide – Spongebob Squarepants

Danielle, who goes by nothin.but.nelly on TikTok has since posted two follow-up videos to apologise, one of which she can be seen in a bookshop reading Celebrating Cork by Kieran McCarthy in.

In another, she writes: “I would like to make a formal apology to all 223,667 Corkonians for calling your city a small town, it will not happen again”.

Just 48 more apology videos til she’s allowed back into the county again.

@nothin.but.nelly #duet with @nelly belly #smallworld ♬ When Worlds Collide – Spongebob Squarepants

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