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08th Jul 2018

Two thirds of LGBT people are afraid to hold hands in public

Jade Hayden

Two thirds of LGBT people are afraid to hold hands in public.

A new study has revealed that well over half of individuals who identify as LGBT feel uncomfortable being affectionate this way in public.

Research conducted by the British government in 2017 showed that members of the LGBT community are more likely to be “less satisfied” with their lives.

Over one third of participants (40 percent) said that they had experienced a hate crime. One quarter said that they hadn’t told members of their families that they identified as LGBT.

The Independent reports that 10,000 people were involved in the study.

61 percent identified as gay or lesbian, with a quarter identifying as bisexual. 13 percent were transgender.

The UK government has said they are launching a 75-point action plan to tackle discrimination and prejudice against gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals.

Pride took place in Dublin last weekend and saw thousands take to the streets of the city to celebrate the LGBT community.

This year’s parade was the biggest and most widely attended the country has ever seen.