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18th Nov 2017

White House says assault allegations against Trump are ‘different’

They see one major distinction between the allegations against Trump and everyone else.

Rory Cashin

Donald Trump

“The American people spoke very loud and clear when they elected this president.”

There have been two major sexual harassment allegation cases opened up in US politics in recent weeks.

One involves the Republican Senate nominee in Alabama, Roy Moore. A teenage girl was the first to come forward with accusations of sexual assault, and since then several other woman have also claimed similar stories.

The other involves two-term Democratic senator Al Franken. He, too, has been accused of sexual assault, with photographic evidence surfacing of the incident.

Trump, who saw the photos, tweeted about Franken’s incident:

However, Trump has remained quiet on the accusations levelled against fellow party member Moore.

Trump himself has been accused of sexual misconduct by 16 different women, which the White House officially stated they were ALL lying about, and on Friday, the White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was asked what the difference was between the accusations against Trump, and the accusations against these other politicians.

In not too many words, Sanders responded simply: “They admitted to wrong doing, the President hasn’t.”

When asked why Trump weighed in on the Franken incident, but not the Moore incident, Sanders replied that the President did in fact let his thoughts be known on the issue while in Asia.

To be clear, the extent of Trump’s statements on the Moore incident involved a quick answer claiming that it was too soon to speak on the matter.

Sanders was also asked if the President has sued these women whom he claims are lying about the sexual assaults and/or harassments, to which Sanders replied: “I haven’t asked him.”