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25th Jul 2017

Major traffic disruption expected in the capital from the start of August

It's going to be a pain.

Darragh Berry


Traffic works are the bane of our lives but it’s just one of those things in life that are a certainty. You’re going to die, you have to pay your taxes and you’re going to come across traffic works at least once a month.

We all have our daily routines especially regarding getting to work. We always go the same direction each day and we know it only takes x amount of time to get from the house to the place of work.

However, when our daily commute is disrupted by traffic works, it means that everything we have been used to doing for months or years will change, if even for just a short space of time.

This can be annoying as f*ck.

According to RTÉ, parts of Dublin’s south city quays at O’Connell Bridge will be closed for over a week due to Luas Cross City works.

The eight-day disruption will see College Green reopen to private cars to allow access to the west of Dublin city during the closure.

It will take place between Friday 4 August and Saturday 12 August.

Bachelor’s Walk and Ormond Quay upper will be restricted on the north quays but the east and west quays will remain the same as always.

Aston Quay and Burgh Quay nearest to the junction with O’Connell Bridge will see parts of the road completely closed during the road works also.

Immediately after these road works take place, an extra bus lane will be introduced on Bachelors Walk and private cars will be banned from turning right onto O’Connell Bridge.

However, these changes are separate to the road works that are taken place.