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12th Nov 2021

Toymaster issues warning to parents ahead of Christmas shortages

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

Is anyone else breaking into a sweat at the thought of Christmas shopping?

We adore this time of year- how could you not? But the shopping aspect? Not so much.

Between toy shortages, rising Covid cases, and queuing in the cold, we’re just not ready for it. In a bid to help make those hectic Christmas shopping trips easier, Toymaster has shared a warning with parents.

Orlagh Heaney from Toymaster Ennis told RSVP that parents should visit stores at their earliest convenience.

“Parents need to get their heads around the Santa lists sooner rather than later,” she said.

“I would advise getting the Santa item out of the way now. Other things are easy to pick up later but if there was one main thing to be got, today is the day to get it” she advised.

She suggests buying their main and most coveted gift first and as early as financially possible.

“Don’t put the pressure on yourself to have to do it all. If kids get one or two off their main list, I think no matter what they also get with it is a bonus,” she stressed.

Good luck to all of you bracing the shops this year.

May the odds be ever in your favour. We’ll see you in the Lego aisle.