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04th Jul 2023

How the Titan sub victims spent their final moments revealed

A new report has explained how the submarine’s five passengers spent their final moments.

According to the information obtained by the New York Times, the people on board the Titan submersible spent their final moments listening to music in darkness.

Other details including the last known photo of passengers have also surfaced, as well as how they prepared for their planned 12-hour trip.

The five people on board died last week when the vessel suffered a catastrophic implosion on route to visiting the Titanic shipwreck located on the ocean floor.

Photos of father and son pair Shahzada and Suleman Dawood showing them on board the vessel have also been released.

The Dawoods almost did not make the ill-fated voyage following the cancellation of their initial flight from Toronto to Newfoundland, where the vessel set off from.

Their rebooked flight was also delayed, however the pair eventually made it to the town of St. John’s in time for the trip.

The US Coast Guard led the retrieval efforts for the missing submarine. (Credit: Getty Images)

Preparations for Titan sub trip:

In preparation for the voyage, the five divers met aboard the submarine’s mothership to discuss safety procedures.

They were also told to consume “low-residue” foods, such as vegetables, the day before the dive, and to not drink coffee that morning.

The passengers were informed on the request of OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush that they could play music of their choosing on the submarine’s bluetooth speaker, but that no country music was allowed.

Thick socks and a hat were the required clothing items, as the temperature within the vessel would decrease as the submarine submerged deeper in the water.

Descending at a speed of 25 metres per minute, those on board would feel no sense of motion.

It has also been revealed that the first four OceanGate dives to the wreckage of the Titanic this year did not reach site, with experts warning of several safety concerns.

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