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25th Mar 2022

Three Ireland will refund €2.6 million to customers

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Were you affected?

Mobile network provider Three Ireland is set to refund over €2.6m to customers after they were charged for services despite having cancelled their contracts.

After a self review of the company’s billing system, it was found that rather than refunding the cancellation charges immediately, Three had been keeping them as credits on inactive accounts.

They were found to be only issuing the refunds to customers when it was requested by them and found that other forms of credits were not related to post cancellation charges were also still being held on inactive accounts.

These charges had not been claimed or proactively refunded by Three despite customers cancelling their contracts.

A total of 173,000 customers have been impacted by the issues and around €1.28m is owed in post-cancellation charges and €1.4m for other credits owed.

Three is now set to begin its process of refunding the customers and while it is starting this month, it is expected to take up to six months to complete.

The refund will appear in customers’ accounts through an electronic fund transfer and they have said that future credits will proactively be refunded and will not be left on inactive accounts.