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25th Aug 2016

The most hated word in the world has been voted for

We're not too surprised!

Megan Roantree

Do you hate it too?

Everyone has words that they just can’t deal with, a simple word that makes them feel uneasy or queasy.

One of my friends shudders every time she hears the word ‘panties’ and another can’t deal with the word ‘basin’ because every time he felt ill his mam would offer him a basin.

But the most hated word in the world is probably one that most of us feel weird about and you might have heard it a lot last night if you were watching The Great British Bake Off.

Oxford Dictionaries has launched a world wide survey via an interactive online map, which found out which English words are the least popular.

Overall, from the 10,000 responded, the current least favourite word in the world is Moist.

We’re not all that surprised with the result.


Curse words are forbidden from the list though, so if you were expecting to see some foul language on the list, it doesn’t accept them.

You can view each countries individual list on their interactive map, and Ireland, at the time of writing, only has 32 submissions with the word ‘Racist’ topping the list, followed by ‘Trump’.


You can cast your vote on the interactive map here.

Interestingly the UK’s least favourite word is currently ‘Brexit’, Netherlands and Germany mostly selected the word ‘no’ and Spain’s least favourite word, strangely, is ‘hello’.