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21st Jun 2017

Facebook post describes a vicious attack by a group of Dublin teens

The cyclist was attacked while on his way home from work.

Cathy Donohue

“Apprehending them might well save someone’s life some day”.

Leon Redlinski was brutally attacked by a group of Dublin teenagers while on his way home from work in the early hours of Monday morning.

The cyclist was set upon by a group of seven youths “at the top of Jamestown Road Finglas”, which is just around the corner from where he lives.

The barman, who had been working at the capital’s Taste festival held last weekend, said that he was accosted by the group, who were looking for cigarettes but when he didn’t have any and made to continue on his way, one of them “hurled a stone at his back’.

This caused him to dismount the bike and when he was facing the person who threw the stone, someone else cycled away on his bike.

Things quickly went from bad to worse with the group circling him and “throwing kicks and punches”.

In his Facebook post, Leon writes:

“I managed to defend myself but in the struggle they wrestled my backpack and bike chain away and started using it as a weapon repeatedly bashing me over the head with it while I was parrying the rest of the blows, my back against the nearest property wall”.

It was only when he began to bleed profusely that one of the group “called for the others to retreat”.

Thanks to first aid training, Leon was able to reach emergency services and provide them with a coherence incidence report.

An ambulance came and brought him to the Mater Hospital where he was treated for stitches to a cut on his forehead, a cheekbone fracture and some abrasions and bruises to his head and temple.

Leon shared his experience on Facebook in a bid to thank those who helped him in his time of need, including the emergency services, but also in the hope of catching those who attacked him.

A Garda investigation has been launched and anyone with information is asked to contact Finglas Garda Station on 016667500.

Below is Leon’s Facebook post in full.

Main image via Facebook: Leon Redlinski