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29th Jan 2019

Tesco is axing 9,000 jobs and getting rid of meat, fish and deli counters

Olivia Hayes

Tesco has announced its new simplification plan.

In an aim to cut costs in its store, the chain store has revealed that it has created a simplification plan which means up to 9,000 jobs will be cut.

Throughout the weekend, Tesco said that it plans on axing 15,000 roles however, “up to half” of the staff affected “could be redeployed to other customer-facing roles,” Jason Tarry, Tesco’s chief executive for UK and Ireland said.

The company made a statement and said they plan to restructure the way it manages stock and therefore it will “mean a significantly reduced workload, with fewer hours needed to complete the routines.”

It was also announced that in 90 stores, the fish, meat and deli counters will be closed.

So far, it seems like only roles in the UK have been affected, and no Irish jobs are looking to be cut.

Jason said: “In our four years of turnaround we’ve made good progress, but the market is challenging and we need to continually adapt to remain competitive and respond to how customers want to shop.

“We’re making changes to our UK stores and head office to simplify what we do and how we do it, so we’re better able to meet the needs of our customers. This will impact some of our colleagues and our commitment is to minimise this as much as possible and support our colleagues throughout.”