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06th Aug 2017

Shocking new figures show homeless increase in Ireland

There are 100 more adults now living on the streets compared to last month.

Figures released on Friday show that homelessness continues to surge in Ireland.

Statistics for June 2017 showed an increase of over 100 homeless adults on the previous month, as the number went from 4,922 to 5,036.

The same research, released by the Department of Housing, showed that there had also been an increase in homeless families. 1,365 families are now in homeless accommodation across the country, 53 more than in May, according to RTÉ.

The biggest increase came in the category of homeless children, whose number increased by 118 over the course of the month.

There are now officially 2,895 homeless children in Ireland. The total number of homeless is just shy of 8,000 — standing at 7,941, and on the increase.

Sinn Féin’s housing spokesperson Eoin Ó Broin slammed the government for releasing the details on the Friday of a bank holiday, accusing them of trying to keep the reality buried from the public.

Focus Ireland are similarly critical of the government, having issued a statement that reads:

“This is not evidence of a strategy that is working, it is evidence of a Government which is taking too little action, too slowly.”