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07th Jul 2016

Snapchat’s latest update will let you keep your old photos

No more screenshotting...

Snapchat is changing, and it might not be for the better.

When it burst onto the scene, the photo-sharing app was massively popular for allowing users to share embarrassing pictures with their mates, safe in the knowledge that the image would disappear into the ether within a few seconds.

But that could all be about to change with the latest update, as Snapchat are following in the footsteps of social media competitors like Facebook by adding a new ‘memories’ feature.


Unlike Facebook’s ‘on this day’ notification, Snapchat users will be allowed to select which pictures they want to save for the future in a handy new section of the app. And you can even search for them using specific keywords.

You’ll be able to edit existing photos and send them out to your mates – though any snaps that are more than 24 hours old will have a white border to keep us honest.

And for those of you who like to use Snapchat for some more…eh…personal reasons, you’ll be able to use the ‘For My Eyes Only’ feature to attach a passcode to any saved photos you don’t want that person to scroll into when they inevitably start scrolling despite you telling them not to.