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04th Feb 2022

“Her sight is gone”: Mother of Alanna Idris Quinn shares update

Kat O'Connor

Alanna will not regain sight in her eye, doctors confirmed.

The mother of Alanna Idris Quinn has confirmed her daughter has lost sight in her eye.

Mum Jamie said it feels like “an eternity” since her daughter was attacked. She said: “It actually feels like we’ve been dealing with this for years now.”

Alanna’s mum explained that people thought her daughter was “on the mend”. However, the mum said this is “so far from the truth”.

She confirmed her eye will never get better. “As hopeful as I am for a miracle the doctors have told us a number of times that her sight is gone. They are certain it will not return,” she said via a GoFundMe page. 

The mum also shared that Alanna can’t even open her eyelid. Doctors are unsure if this will ever get better.

She said her teenage daughter has been in severe pain. Jamie said Alanna “literally has no cheekbone” and “only half an eye socket”.

Alanna will have another surgery soon. It will take her at least a month to recover from this surgery alone.

“She already has two scars on her face and this surgery will leave a scar from her temple area to her inner eye.”

Her mum stressed that Alanna may “still look fine” and seems like she’s “coping well”, but she’s dealing with so much.

Despite it all, her mum said things are moving in the right direction.

Her update comes after a fourth arrest was made in connection with the attack on Alanna in Ballyfermot.

“I would really like to ask people not to post names or pictures of these people on social media though because I do not want anything to have an effect on the charges or further charges!”

The mum thanked both Gardaí and detectives for their investigation. Jamie added that she hopes these arrests and charges show women that Gardaí are behind them.

“We just need to pray now that the court services don’t let my daughter or these women or their families down!”