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05th Jul 2022

12-year-old girl left badly shaken after man in van tried to kidnap her

Kat O'Connor

She was walking to her brother’s school when a man tried to grab her.

A 12-year-old girl has been left shaken after a man in a van tried to kidnap her.

The incident happened just outside a primary school in Essex.

It is believed the young girl was on her way to collect her little brother from his primary school. During her walk to the school, a man in a blue van approached her.

He then jumped out of the vehicle and started to chase the girl down the street.

He also tried to throw her into the van, but the young girl managed to escape.

Speaking about the ordeal, the girl’s mum said she is extremely shaken.

She told the Basildon Echo: “She’s shaken up and is scared to go to school now.”

“She wants to help others and she feels quite lucky but she worries others may not be.”

“He knew what he was doing and after watching her from his van, he parked up and got out.”

“It’s absolutely devastating and makes me sick to think people like that are in society and it’s so close to home too.”

The mum said the man tried to kidnap her daughter around 4 pm. She said it is terrifying knowing something like this can happen in broad daylight.

The young girl’s school has sent a warning to all parents and guardians following the incident.

They’re urging pupils to be vigilant.

Police are currently investigating the incident. They have also warned the public to be extremely careful during this time. Witnesses have also been asked to come forward with any relevant information.