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11th Jun 2022

Saoirse Ruane’s family say she’s planning on returning to school

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Fab news.

Saoirse Ruane has some great news as she’s eyeing up a return to school, along with a comeback to the camogie pitch.

The Late Late Toy Show star has been battling cancer after she was diagnosed for a second time, and underwent surgery in May to remove a tumour in her lung.

Her doctors thankfully say that the surgery went as well as it could have and the 10 year old won’t need any further treatment.

Taking to social media, her mum Roseanna confirmed the good news and revealed just how excited Saoirse was about it.

Roseanna said: “This week brought some welcome news as we received some long-awaited results for Saoírse’s surgery.

“Following a call from our oncologist, we learned that Saoírse’s surgery was successful and no further treatment is required, which is the best outcome we could have hoped for.

“Saoírse wrapped her arms around us with excitement.”

Roseanna added that the family isn’t counting their blessings just yet and specialists are still continuing to monitor her daughter’s progress.

“As many of you will know, cancer is incredibly unpredictable so the plan is now to go forward cautiously from review to review as our team wish to monitor Saoírse carefully!” she said.

“We firmly believe that the constant flow of prayers, relics, candles, and masses offered for Saoírse is what helped her through this major surgery and reconstruction.”

Saoirse has been recovering over the last two weeks and is now “adamant” to get back to school before the summer break.

“Please know that while this is an amazing victory, we have to be realistic!!” Roseanna added.

“Saoírse may have won this battle but she hasn’t won the war… so we go forward now and hope that you will all continue to keep Saoírse in your hearts and prayers!

“As I said before and I’ll say it again “life is SO, SO unbelievably precious.’