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19th Jul 2017

Ryanair boss has harsh response to complaints about seating policy

He didn't mince his words.

Darragh Berry

Ryanair’s chief executive told people to “stop whinging.”

Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary was on Today with Sean O’ Rourke on Wednesday morning where he talked in depth about Dublin Airport getting a second runway and his customers complaining about seat reservation charges.

Both O’Leary and O’Rourke were talking about the second runway when O’Rourke read out a tweet which said, ‘it’s easy for Michael O’Leary to criticise everyone else, ask him about Ryanair’s rip-off seating policy’.

Replying to the tweet, O’Leary said: “There has been some controversy surrounding our seating policy. We have a free seating policy. If you don’t want to pay a fare of €2 and you choose a random seat, you get it free of charge.

“If you want to sit beside somebody, you buy a reserved seat, you can do that from €2 and frankly if you’re not happy to pay the €2 to sit beside somebody else, stop complaining,” he stated.

He added: “If you have chosen a random seat, you’re getting a random seat, so stop whinging. Pay the €2 like more than 50% or 65 million of our customers do and sit wherever you like.”

The airline also urged the Attorney General’s office to speed up the relevant piece of legislation, regarding the runway, as a matter of urgency.

O’Leary said the 240 million euro piece of national infrastructure is critical to the continued growth of air travel to and from Ireland especially in the run up to – and after – Brexit.

“This legislation has been – within the – stuck in the office of the Attorney-General now for almost 12 months. There’s no explanation for it,” he said.

“They’ve kicked it back twice, I think, fiddling around with drafting and commas and full stops and God knows what else.

“It’s just this kind of unacceptable, bureaucratic dither and delay that seems to characterise any bit of necessary infrastructure – here in Ireland,” O’Leary concluded.

You can hear the seat debate from 11:32 onwards below.