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05th Jan 2020

Rod Stewart has been charged for allegedly punching a security guard

Rebecca O'Keeffe

rod stewart

The incident occurred outside a Florida hotel.

Sir Rod Stewart has been charged with battery, having allegedly punched a hotel security guard.

A police report says that the incident occurred after the singer failed to gain access to a private event on New Year’s Eve.

Rod was with his son, who apparently pushed the security guard.

Following this, Rod Stewart allegedly struck the guard in the chest with a closed fist.

In his affidavit, the security guard said the singer and his group “began to get loud and cause a scene, and refused to following instructions to leave”.

Rod Stewart

He says Sir Rod’s son, Sean, 39, who was also involved in the incident, got “nose to nose” with him before “shoving him backwards” when he asked him “to back up and create some space”.


Rod Stewart