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22nd Oct 2017

Rhino injures illegal suspected poacher leading to the man’s arrest

The rhino apparently "came from nowhere."

Jade Hayden


A rhino has injured a man who was allegedly trying to poach the animal, leading to his eventual arrest.

The incident occurred in southwest African country, Namibia, when the suspected man was tracking the rhino.

Luteni Muharukua and a group of others had allegedly entered Etosha National Park illegally with the intention of tracking and killing rhinos for their horns.

Rhino poaching has become a big issue in recent years with many of the animals’ horns being taken and sold on illegally.

Rhino horns are commonly seen as a symbol of wealth in some Asian countries.


A Namibian newspaper has reported that the rhino who attacked Muharukua “appeared from nowhere” while it was being tracked.

The animal then caused a serious leg injury while the suspect was trying to leave the scene.

Muharukua was picked up by police and taken to a nearby hospital.

He is being treated while under police watch.