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11th Aug 2022

Puck Fair takes down goat from cage due to “unprecedented” hot weather

The goat has since been placed in the shade.

King Puck, the symbol of the Puck Fair in Kerry, has been taken down from its cage by event organisers due to the current heatwave.

A tradition of the long-running event in Killorglin is that a goat is chosen every year and is put into a cage on a high stand for 48 hours.

During that time, Puck Fair says the goat is checked on regularly by handlers to ensure it has adequate space, food and water, on top of being examined daily by a certified vet.

However, due to the current hot spell in Ireland, animal rights activists had expressed concern regarding the welfare of the animal.

In a statement to JOE on Thursday (11 August), the fair confirmed King Puck had been taken down earlier that morning.

“Under the 5 Freedoms of Animal Welfare, Puck Fair continues to ensure that the welfare of King Puck is their highest priority,” a spokesperson for the event said.

“Due to unprecedented spells of hot, sunny weather, King Puck was removed from the top of the stand this morning, placed in the shade with a constant supply of cold water and food, and is receiving hourly vet check-ups that continue to show that the goat has a good bill of health.”

Having kicked off on Wednesday, the Puck Fair will conclude on Friday, 12 August.

Main image of the 2015 Puck Fair via