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15th Sep 2021

Pubs and nightclubs could stay open until 6am under new laws

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Dublin is getting a rejig.

Dublin is heading for news heights with the launch of a new plan to revive Irish nightlife.

According to the Minister for Culture, the capital could be like Berlin or New York with a plan to modernise the Irish licencing laws with six “night-time economy advisers”.

Pubs and nightclubs could be open as late as 6am under these new plans, with Ireland’s alcohol licensing and pub opening hours possibly being extended but no confirmation on these changes has been made.

Minister Catherine Martin said at the launch today: “We are looking at the rebirth of Ireland’s nightlife and it is within our power to achieve this, especially with people now assessing their lifestyles, because of the pandemic.”

Acknowledging that the hospitality sector may be looking for a more “fast paced” change, she insisted this was only the beginning of the conversation.

Not only would pubs and nightclubs open late, it would also see museums and galleries open later too starting in Spring of 2022 as a pilot trial, including cafes that also want to open late.

While there are currently no specific funding commitments, the report suggested that additional grants were to be provided to support the reopening of the nightlife sector.

With 36 distinct measures, the plan promises to extend and improve transport within Dublin, with eight new 24 hour transport links in the city as well as improving regional services. This would include a possible 24 hour service between Dundalk and Dublin.

The plan also highlighted that it was committed to reviewing noise reduction measures with a possible grant for soundproofing these venues.