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07th Mar 2022

Polish families leave prams at train stations for Ukrainian mothers and children

An important gesture.

Over the last two weeks, Ukrainian families have found their lives thrown into turmoil due to the recent Russian invasion of their country.

While Ukrainian men of fighting age are required to stay and fight, women and children from all corners of the country have had to flee to neighbouring countries.

These journeys have been extremely stressful and exhausting for those undertaking them, but the kindness of others, like these parents in Poland, has been aiding those fleeing during this turbulent time.

Images like the one above are becoming common as Polish parents have been arriving at train stations to donate prams to Ukrainian mothers arriving with small children.

Because of the rush to evacuate, many Ukrainian mothers had to leave their homes with very few supplies, including prams and strollers.

Since first being posted online the image has gone viral with many commenting their support to Ukraine and the Polish parents coming to their aid;

“Such a kind thing to do thank you all mother’s in Poland. My heart breaks when I see parents carrying their little ones. Stay safe.”

“The polish people have really been incredible in this crisis. Even with all the evil in this world there is so much good.”

Since the start of the Russian invasion Poland has shown its support for Ukraine and opened its borders almost immediately to refugees.

Having been occupied during the World War 2 and seeing one of the highest death rates, Poland wants to help protect as many Ukrainians as they can.

No doubt even this gesture of providing prams to mothers and their children will provide a huge support of comfort for those fleeing their homes.