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24th Mar 2021

PICS: 13 puppies rescued from cramped cage at Dublin Port

Sarah McKenna Barry

The puppies were travelling in cramped conditions, and without access to food or water.

Inspectors from the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals were called to Dublin Port on Saturday evening after authorities discovered 13 puppies in two cramped cages.

The cages were found in the footwell area of the car.

According to the DSPCA, the dogs were crammed into the cages without access to food or water. They had traveled for two hours before the discovery was made.

Customs confiscated the dogs and authorities are investigating the matter.

Inspectors brought the animals to the DSPCA, where vets were waiting for them. As well as veterinary care, the dogs were given food, water and kennels.

The DSPCA released a statement, outlining the incident, as well as the conditions of the puppies.

“Our vets reported that all 13 puppies were dehydrated, four of them tested positive for Parvovirus and sadly one didn’t make it,” they said.

They continued: “We are monitoring the rest of puppies closely as Parvovirus is highly contagious and life threatening. All of the puppies are on medication and will remain under DSPCA veterinary care until they are well enough to leave the shelter to go to foster homes.”

The DSPCA then outlined the cruelty of the dog-farming industry, and urged potential pet owners not to support it.

“These puppies were possibly on their way to good homes but this doesn’t make it right. The lack of compassion, respect, empathy and duty of care is incredibly disturbing. There was not a second of thought for the welfare of these puppies, just the joy of the profit to be made by their sale.”

They continued: “We all have a part to play in trying to stop this from happening again and again.”

The DSPCA also appealed to the public for donations to support the dogs’ care. For more information, or to donate, visit the DSPCA’s website.