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23rd Jun 2017

People in these three counties urged to minimise water usage

Surprisingly, it's not because of the recent heatwave.
Irish Water

Although one would be forgiven for thinking the recent heatwave is responsible for a water shortage, in actual fact, it’s the result of an extremely dry winter.

Irish Water has advised people in Donegal, Westmeath and Galway to regulate their water use, conserving and minimising usage where possible.

According to The Irish Times, the dry winter has impacted water supply for the first half of 2017 and this has resulted in Irish Water issuing restrictions when supplies are running low.

There have also been problems with low pressure in water supply with Eriva, Irish Water’s parent company, working with local authorities to monitor the quality and supply of water to households around the country.

Speaking about the current issue facing the aforementioned three counties, an Eriva spokesperson warned:

“Low rainfall for several months, especially through the winter period, will have a knock-on effect on available raw water supplies across the country in coming months”.