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11th Dec 2017

PE will now be offered as a Leaving Cert subject (jumps for joy)

This could be a great change

Olivia Hayes


If there was one thing we could have wished for in secondary school, it’s that PE was an actual subject.

And while that never came to be in our day, it has just been announced that schools will now be offering PE as a Leaving Cert subject that will go towards CAO points.

From next September onwards, it will be initially introduced to around 60 schools and will be examined for the first time in 2020.

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CAO points will be awarded for performances which can include a range of skills, such as swimming, rugby, jazz dance, and even coaching skills.

There will also be a physical activity project as well as a written exam which will cover everything from sports psychology to diet and drugs.

We’re interested to see how this turns out.