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05th Jan 2015

Passengers Stuck On Plane For 28 Hours Due To “Unprecedented Fog”

The flight was stuck on tarmac for 12-hours before takeoff.


Etihad Airlines Flight 183 from Abu Dhabi to San Francisco was delayed over the weekend when “unprecedented fog” prohibited it from takeoff.

The flight was stuck on tarmac for 12-hours due to weather conditions and people on board were forced to stay on the grounded plane because the airport was at its capacity with others stranded.

By the time the flight arrived at its destination, passengers had been on the aircraft for a total of 28 hours and are less than impressed with service from the airline.

After finally landing in San Francisco, passenger Thomas Piani expressed his anger to reporters, explaining that people on board were kept in the dark as to what was happening with their flight.

“They kept telling us that we were going to leave, you know 15 minutes from now, 20 minutes from now, 30 minutes for now, for 12 hours,” he told Associated Press.

Others vented on social media, with one user pointing out that children and elders were on the plane:

Etihad released a statement explaining that the delay was due to “extraordinary weather conditions” and later issued an apology online:

The airline promised to waive change and cancellation fees.