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13th Dec 2020

Parents will not be able to attend school concerts or nativity plays this year

Melissa Carton

It’s going to be a strange end of the year for parents.

Come the end of the school term in December, it’s traditional for parents to attend their child’s Christmas concert.

This year, though Christmas concerts and nativity plays will go ahead, parents and family members will not be allowed to attend.

Schools are to be issued with strict protocols in regards to school shows this year which could see many of them becoming virtual events.

While the Department of Education recognises that school shows and concerts going ahead is crucial for children’s mental health they also have to take on board Covid precautions too.

It is being advised that schools record shows or stream them live for parents to watch online rather than have large groups from different bubbles gathering in one room.

Choirs and bands are also being advised to not perform any indoor concerts for parents and family members.

According to the Irish Times the Department of Education have said;

“Wind and brass instruments, including tin whistles and recorders, should not be played indoors due to the additional risk of infection such activity poses.

Outdoor class performances and other precautions such as moisture guards for wind instruments may be considered as alternative options.”

Overall though the advice is not to have visitors to any Christmas performances or nativity plays this year.

Parents should hear in the coming days how their child’s school wishes to have them view their child’s show whether it be outdoors or online.