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31st Aug 2014

Parents Arrested As Missing Ashya King Found In Spain

Ashya's parents were arrested last night.

The global hunt for Ashya King, the missing five-year-old with a brain tumour, came to an end last night when his parents were arrested in Spain.

Brett and Naghemeh King, held under an international arrest warrant on suspicion of neglect, were spotted at around 10pm by police in Velez Malaga, a town to the east of Marbella, according to The Guardian.

At a press conference last night, Hampshire Assistant Chief Constable Chris Shead, said: “Just before 9pm UK time [Spanish police] found Ashya. They stopped the vehicle that we’ve been circulating the details of and in the vehicle was Ashya’s parents and Ashya.

“We don’t have many details as to Ashya’s condition in this time but we do know he was showing no visible signs of distress”.

“There are no winners in this situation,” continued Constable Shead. “This must be a very distressing time for Ashya’s family. Thankfully we have found Ashya. Our number one aim has been to ensure he gets the welfare he needs.

We’ve immediately contacted Southampton General Hospital to make sure they have the details of Ashya’s medical team in Spain. Tomorrow morning we will be sending a team of police to Malaga and they will continue the investigation”.

In a YouTube video posted by Ashya’s brother Naveed last night, Brett King explained the couple’s decision to take Ashya out of hospital.

Mr King spoke of how he and his wife have been seeking proton beam radiotherapy for Ashya as it targets tumours directly.

However, charity Cancer Research UK says proton beam treatment is only available on the NHS in the UK for eye conditions.

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