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20th Feb 2024

OnlyFans owner allegedly pledged over €10 million to pro-Israel lobby

Anna Martin

onlyfans owner

The owner of OnlyFans Leonid Radvinsky has allegedly pledged over €10 million to a pro-Israel lobby

According to an internal donor list obtained by The Lever Radvinsky and his wife Katie Chudnovsky pledged the donation to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, last year.

The billionaire has denied these claims.

According to confidential internal documents the AIPAC reported a massive fundraising haul of over €83 million in the month following Hamas’ October 7th attack against Israel.

Yet there was one figure in the papers that stood out to those who conducted the review – a €10 million pledge from a “Mr. Anonymous Anonymous” and Chudnovsky, the largest listed contribution.

onlyfans owner
Credit: Facebook

The Leaver confirmed the identity of the anonymous individual to be the OnlyFans billionaire.

Though many of the individuals uncovered in the document have confirmed their actions, Radvinsky and two others denied their alleged involvement.

In a statement to The Leaver, the Ukrainian-American businessman said, “I didn’t donate or pledge $11M (€10 million),” adding that his words, “appl[ies] to me / my foundation / my family.”

Radvinsky refused to provide any further explanation as to why he and his wife appeared to be donors. He also failed to address documentation showing a wire transfer from Chudnovsky to the organisation. 

The AIPAC was founded in 1963 and has become one of the most powerful pro-Israel lobby groups in the United States.

Onlyfans house speaker mike johnson
House Speaker Mike Johnson Credit: Getty

AIPAC’s website offers resources to mobilise support for Israel, and it has been reported that they donated to House Speaker Mike Johnson after he played a crucial role in securing a nearly €13 billion aid package to Israel.

With this kind of financial might, AIPAC is expected to continue its strategic electoral spending to retain its influence, even as its backing of Israel’s military operations faces increasing scrutiny.

Though the organisation has influenced the US government and its policies towards Israel, in 2022, the group announced the creation of a super PAC, an affiliate that would participate in elections.

Though it hasn’t been in existence for long, the super PAC has funneled millions of dollars worth of resources into trying to silence progressive candidates who have been openly critical of Israel.