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11th Aug 2016

O’Donovan rowing brothers are the most wonderfully Cork people ever at the Olympics

"'Tis great to beat the Brits"

We just can’t get enough of these two lads.

Brothers Gary and Paul O’Donovan, from Skibbereen in Cork, are currently in Rio competing in the Olympic Games, where they have just qualified for the final of the men’s double sculls.

But it’s not just their athletic prowess that’s quickly making them firm favourites of Olympics viewers, it’s also their brilliantly grounded, unaffected media appearances afterwards.

We first got to meet them a few days ago after winning the Lightweight Double Sculls heat.

“We handled it very well,” Paul said. “We were almost disappointed we couldn’t race yesterday, it would have been a bit of craic.”

“We’re well used to be a bit of wind,” Gary piped in. “That kind of thing wouldn’t faze us at all.”

And sure why would it?!

It’s an interview that immediately had them acclaimed as being “pure Cork!”

Now, the two boys have gifted us another wonderfully Irish interview with RTE Sport in which they talk about their final tomorrow.

First of all, neither one seems too bothered when their event is actually on tomorrow – whether it’s 11am or 10.30am.

Then they talk about what they’ll be done to prepare for it.

“We’ll get home to get ourselves into an ice bath anyway, cool ourselves down a bit. We’ll get a bit of steak, the food here is fantastic. Steak for breakfast, lunch and dinner with spuds if you like…!”

Though the killer line is: “‘Tis great to beat the Brits!”

Honestly, reading their words robs it of the real beauty. So just have a listen.



The two lads continue to win new fans, and it’s easy to see why.

Best of luck boys!!