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27th Jun 2017

A NYC subway train derailed and the images are terrifying

Scary stuff.

Niamh Maher

The train reportedly crashed into the wall of the subway tracks and caught fire.

Luckily there were only minor injuries according to the NY post but passengers took to social media to describe the unfolding drama in which smoke filled the train and people had to evacuate and walk through the underground transport system.

The rehabilitated # 1 South Ferry Terminal station, devastated by Super Storm Sandy 5yrs ago, will return to service later today.

According to the NY Post, The Metropolitan Transportation Authority did not immediately provide details about the derailment.

The MTA then posted alerts on its site that the incident involved a power outage that stopped service on the A, B, C and D lines.

“The investigation between 59th Street-Columbus Circle and 125th Street is causing delays in both directions,”