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07th Sep 2018

‘No quick fix’ Leo Varadkar defends government’s reaction to housing crisis

Jade Hayden

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Leo Varadkar has defended the government’s reaction to the housing crisis.

The Taoiseach said today that there is “no quick fix” to the severe shortage of housing available across the country.

He also acknowledged that the situation wasn’t being resolved as fast as he would like and that he wanted to “put pressure” on local authorities to deliver.

Speaking on RTE’s Morning Ireland today, he said:

“There is an additional €400m for the Department of Housing.

“I totally accept that this isn’t happening quick enough, and that’s why we want to put the pressure on local authorities to deliver faster of the money that’s already pre-allocated in the budget for next year.”

Varadkar denied that he was trying to pass blame to other authorities, saying that both parties had a responsibility to address the crisis.

Latest homeless figures show that over 3,000 children are currently living in emergency accommodation across the country.

The total number of homeless people in Ireland for July rested at just below 9,900.

Varadkar denied that the government had “failed” to provide the Irish people with adequate housing, stating: “To say something is a failure is to say you’ve given up. We’re not giving up.”

10,000 social housing units are needed to be built over the next 10 years, but the Taoiseach said that he recognises achieving this will not be easy.