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10th Jul 2023

New RTÉ Director General announces the disbandment of the Executive Board

Ellen Fitzpatrick

The new RTÉ Director General, Kevin Bankhurst, has announced big changes for the broadcaster in an email to staff this morning, to mark his first day on the job.

He has confirmed the disbandment of the Executive Board and it is set to be replaced with a temporary interim leadership team which will continue to run the organisation.

Writing an email to staff, Bankhurst condemned the “shameful events” which have occurred over the last number of weeks, the reason for former Director General Dee Forbes stepping down.

He wrote: “I am standing down the Executive Board today. It will be replaced with a temporary interim leadership team to continue running the organisation. In due course, there will be a new permanent leadership team.

“I want to underline that RTÉ, under my leadership and that of the re-constituted Interim Leadership Team, will be an organisation dedicated to working closely with you, to listening, to being open and transparent, to strictly adhering to revised and rigorous governance processes and procedures, to being accountable and to delivering a public service to be proud of.

“This will take time, but it will happen. It must. There is too much at stake. I will share details of the Interim Leadership Team later today.

“In advance of that, I can confirm that RTÉ will publish the salaries of the Executive/permanent Interim Leadership Team along with the earnings of RTÉ’s 10 highest paid presenters in our annual report every year, starting with Annual Report 2023.”

He went on to speak about the culture in RTÉ and how changes need to be made in this area too.

He added: “For the above to happen, the culture in RTÉ needs change, from top to bottom. RTÉ needs to quickly and meaningfully evolve into an organisation that is focused on its people and the public we serve.

“So, from today, and notwithstanding processes already underway and reviews announced by Minister Martin, I will work with Eimear Cusack and HR to co-ordinate a review of roles and grades, pay, and gender equality; I will look at how, what and when we communicate more fully with you, and how we involve you in the decisions we make.”