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29th Oct 2021

New nightclub restrictions include one metre social distancing at bars

The new restrictions will be effective as of Friday.

Patrons will be required to stay one metre away from each other when receiving bar service in nightclubs from today (29 October).

This is according to new guidelines published by the government ahead of Friday’s revision of Covid restrictions.

Tickets will be required one hour before arrival and nightclubs are required to have an employee supervising the queue for the bar at all times.

Clubgoers are only allowed to be at the bar or the counter if they are ordering, paying for or collecting food and drink.

In the case of bars turning into nightclubs after a certain point, patrons can purchase their tickets while inside the venue.

These tickets will have to be shown to members of staff and the ticket holders will have to fill out the relevant contact tracing and immunity forms.

If someone is inside the venue and begins exhibiting Covid symptoms, the bar will have to make an “isolation room” available for them where they can wait until further instruction.

Concert organisers are also being asked to liaise with artists and their teams to encourage attendees not to breach restrictions or increase the risk of Covid spreading.

Artists are beings asked to reduce the duration of their shows, to reduce the number of performers on stage, and not to encourage loud chanting or singing. Crowd surfing is completely out of the question for concerts currently.

Toilets should now have one-way systems in place, with increased hand towels to reduce the risk of aerosol dispersal.