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24th Sep 2021

New Colombian law gives workers two days off to mourn their pets

Ellen Fitzpatrick

A big step forward.

Pets are more often than none more than just a pet, they become part of the family and your best friends.

And as we get so attached to our animals, Colombia has recognised how much they really mean to us in our everyday life, as they should.

Getting a little bit more legal with their love for their pets, Colombian lawmakers are introducing two paid days leave if your pet dies.

This new legislation was brought in by Alejandro Carlos Chacon, who is a member of the Colombian Liberal Party.

The politician told Colombian news site El Tiempo: “Some people do not have children but they do have a much-loved pet with which they develop a deep brotherly bond.”

He also said that the two bereavement days for a pet would be more beneficial to allow employees to “overcome their grief and pain of losing these beloved animals without being preoccupied with their jobs.”

This bill is set to be a huge success as an estimated 60% of all households in Colombia have at least one pet.

Of course, there are limits to this law and standards set to ensure there is nobody taking advantage of this.

A “pet” is defined under this law as an animal that the owner shares a “strong sentimental bond” with. The death of an “exotic” animal like a tiger is not permitted under this law.

It states that the employee will only be eligible for the paid leave if they have previously told their boss about the pet prior to their death and can show evidence that they owned it.