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06th Aug 2017

New addition to Dublin Airport makes trip through security quicker

Good news!

Jade Hayden

Dublin airport


You may have noticed that a few electronic passport control gates popped up in Dublin Aiport a few years ago.

Instead of going through Immigration and having your passport checked by a human being, Irish passport holders could opt to use ‘e-gates’ – a gate that scanned your passport’s biometric chip, took your photo, and sent you on your way.

With just one immigration officer able to man a variety of e-gates, it made the whole process of returning to the country a lot easier, and more importantly, faster.

Those small number of e-gates were only there on a trial basis, and have since been removed.

However, they are set to return and will be up and running by the end of this year – and this time, there’ll be a lot of them.

Dublin airport

Twenty e-gates will be introduced to Dublin Airport by the end of 2017. Ten will be in Terminal 1, and a further ten in Terminal 2.

Minister for Justice and Equality Charlie Flanagan confirmed the returning of the e-gates recently, which will not only move things along a lot faster, but also make airport security more efficient.

Anyone over the age of 18 and holding a passport card or biometric passport will be able to use the new gates, making the trip through arrivals quick and painless.

Sounds good to us.