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07th Mar 2022

Moet champagne recalled after bottles spiked with ecstasy

Sarah McKenna Barry

One person has died after drinking from the champagne bottle.

Health authorities in the Netherlands and Germany have issued an urgent recall on bottles of Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial over concerns that some of the bottles have been laced with ecstasy.

One man, Harold Georg Z, passed away after drinking the champagne at a restaurant in Germany last month. Eight others were hospitalised after drinking from the same bottle.

Now, as the NL Times reports, four others were left unwell after consuming a bottle of Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial that is suspected to have been laced with MDMA in the Netherlands.

The bottles in question have the lot number LAJ7QAB6780004.

A warning from the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority said: “Touching and/or drinking the contents of the bottles is life-threatening. This has led to seven very serious illnesses and one death in Germany.”

They added: “It is not known how the MDMA ended up in these bottles.”

The affected bottles were bought through a currently unknown website.

The Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain also issued a statement, saying: “According to the current investigation, the affected bottles have the lot number LAJ7QAB6780004. This number is on the label on the back of the bottle.

“The bottles have a coating, it is not possible to distinguish the bottles filled with MDMA from bottles filled with champagne. However, when pouring, there is a clear difference.

“Champagne with liquid MDMA is said to have the following characteristics: This one is not fizzing, this one would have a reddish brown colour which darkens over time, this one would have a different scent.”

They added: “Even tasting the liquid, even without swallowing, can lead to serious health problems. If you have swallowed the liquid, call the poison control centre immediately.”