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27th Jul 2023

Mystery solved: Family ‘thank god’ as teen missing for four years returns to police station

Ellen Fitzpatrick

A teenage girl who went missing without a trace four years ago has been found alive after she walked into a police station in the US.

Alicia Navarro vanished from her home in Arizona and has now been found four years later hundreds of miles from where she was last seen.

The girl was found in Montana, close to the Canadian border and originally disappeared after leaving a note which said she would not be back.

Her mum feared that she had been lured from their home by an online predator and her disappearance sparked an urgent search which lasted up until now.

The girl, who is now 18, went missing in September 2019 and while mystery still surrounds what actually happened, officers at Glendale police station say she is “healthy and happy” despite feeling “overwhelmed” after handing herself in.

Police say they are “confident” that the person who turned themselves into the station is definitely Alicia and are “continuing to investigate her whereabouts for the last four years”.

Alicia’s mum Jessica has since posted an emotional video on the Finding Alicia Facebook page after news broke about her discovery.

She said: “I want to give glory to god for answering our prayers and for this miracle. My daughter, Alicia Navarro, who was missing since September 15, 2019 has been found safe.

“She is alive and she is safe. I don’t have details but the important thing is she is alive. I want to thank the community and god.”

Lieutenant Scott Waite, from the Glendale police department, told a media conference: “We are only (beginning) to put together the puzzle that is her disappearance and her returning. I would only ask for patience.

“We can only imagine what she’s going through as well as her family. This is probably only the beginning of where this investigation will go.”

He added that Alicia will get “everything she needs” and told reports that the case began as a “runaway situation”.